MiG 21 keychain (variant A)

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The keychain was made of the flap plating of the MIG 21 M aircraft (NATO code - Fishbed). It was a Soviet fighter aircraft constructed in the 50s of the twentieth century in the design bureau by Artyom Mikoyan and Mikhail Gurevich. The plane from which the material was taken, service in the Polish Army began in 1970.

Aircraft side number: 1910,

Aircraft serial number: 961910.

After the end of service, the aircraft was used as a target at the training ground in Nadarzyce. The keychain was made of the flap plating of the MIG 21 M aircraft.

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Variant A shows the engraving of the MIG 21 aircraft from the side. On the back, the serial number of the key ring, the plane from which the material was taken and the QR code on which the history of the aircraft was briefly presented in English.


Length: 72.5 mm

Width: 30 mm

Thickness Approx.: 0.7mm

Planned total number of production series in variants A, B and C: about 600 pieces.

Important information for the buyer:

The material from which the keychain was made may have scratches and scratches, residues from technical adhesives or various coatings used in the production process of the aircraft. When deciding to buy a product, you should keep this fact in mind. The presence of damage to the coating, especially scratches, does not constitute a defect of the product and is not a basis for a complaint. The presented photograph is for illustrative purposes. The keychain itself may differ from the one shown in the photo. The serial number of the keychain is assigned randomly. The keychain is not a toy and should not be used by children.

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MiG 21 keychain (variant A)