Original AVIATION TAG keychains made from aircraft parts that have already gone out of service and have been converted into secondary parts. Some elements were used to create key rings, in a limited series, with an engraving and series number. Key rings are made of hull plating sheet metal and have traces of use created over the years remaining in service.

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American Airlines MD82 keychain

Price PLN140.55

This keychain was created from an MD80 flying aircraft for American Airlines. Its history dates back to 1981, when it first took to the sky for Swissair airlines. In 2001, she was sold to AA. In 2003, he landed in Roswell, New Mexico, where he ended his story in the air. Today, a limited series...

Key ring Boeing 757 DHL

Price PLN131.39

A keychain made of the plating of a Boeing 757 aircraft flying for DHL with D-ALEK registration. The aircraft has been flying since 1986 for British Airways as G-BIKY. In 2003, it was converted into a cargo aircraft and sold to DHL. He flew until 2018. Only 10,000 limited edition key rings were...

Key ring Airbus A319 Germania

Price PLN117.13

A keychain made of Airbus A319-100 aircraft plating with registration number D-ASTZ. Manufactured and delivered to Austrian airline NIKI in 2007. It was stationed in Vienna until it was bought by germania in April 2011. In February 2019, Germania declared bankruptcy and shared the same fate as...

Airbus A330 Key ring Windrose Airlines

Price PLN131.39

A keychain manufactured from an Airbus A330-200 flying aircraft for Windrose Airlines with registration number UR-WRQ. Previously, the plane flew for airlines such as Malaysia Airlines. Only 2500 limited key rings were made from this model.

Keychain Boeing 737 Southwest

Price PLN132.41

Keychain made of the plating of the Boeing 737 N7705A aircraft. The plane flew for AirTran Airways for 10 years. In 2014, he started working for Southwest Airlines in a configuration with 143 passengers in economy class. In January 2020, the plane flew for the last time and landed at Pinal...

Keychain Boeing 757 Aer Lingus EI-LBT

Price PLN132.41

Keychain made of the plating of the Boeing 757 EI-LBT aircraft. The plane began its adventure with Finnair airlines. After 11 years, he changed hands and under EI-LBT he started working for the Irish carrier Aer Lingus. He flew on two routes: from Ireland to New York and from Dubai to Washington....

Key ring Airbus A319 Czech Airlines OK-MEL

Price PLN120.00

A keychain made of Airbus A319 aircraft plating. The aircraft was produced in 2007 and from the very beginning flew for Czech Airlines. In 2015, he flew in Asia for 3 months for low-cost airlines. In 2019, he was loaned by the airline Lufthansa for 4 months. The plane spent 14 years in the air....

Airbus A380 Singapore Airlines Keychain 9V-SKE

Price PLN180.00

Keychain made of The plating of the Airbus A380 Singapore Airlines aircraft. The A380 is the largest airliner in the world. This model was produced in 2008 and delivered to Singapore Airlines. He flew for 10 years. It was withdrawn in the autumn of 2018. Only 8000 limited key rings were made...