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What are cookies?
Cookies are small files that are stored and stored on your computer, tablet or smartphone when you visit various websites on the Internet. A cookie usually contains the name of the website from which it originates, the "lifetime" of the cookie (that is, the duration of its existence) and a randomly generated unique number used to identify the browser from which the connection to the website is made.

What do we use cookies for?

We use cookies for various purposes: to make websites and applications work faster and easier to use, to better tailor content and advertisements to your expectations and interests, and to collect anonymous statistics that help improve the functionality and content of websites and applications. By using cookies in the manner described above, we never identify users on the basis of the information stored in cookies.



Website (hereinafter referred to as "websites") - operate on the principles set out in these Regulations.

The Regulations define the general principles constituting the legal basis for using websites. Each User is obliged, at the moment of taking actions aimed at using the Services or Websites of websites, to comply with the provisions of these Regulations.

Before using the website, Users are obliged to read the Regulations. By using the websites in any way, the User declares and confirms that he has read the content of these Regulations, accepts its provisions and undertakes to comply with them.

In matters not covered by these Regulations, the provisions of Polish law in force in this respect shall apply, and any disputes will be settled by the competent Polish courts.


The website is made available to Users as an online store owned by OSTRE REKLAMY - Adamowski Michał, Józefa Piłsudskieg 4/2, 34-424 Zaskale

Users via the website, thanks to connections to other websites, can use the services of the Service Provider and entities as well as third parties. In this case, the regulations set by these third parties shall apply. The website is not a party to contracts for the provision of electronic services between Users and these third parties, is not responsible for these agreements or is not responsible for the services of third parties.


Service Provider - Websites - websites - made available via the Internet, owned by OSTRE REKLAMY - Adamowski Michał, Józefa Piłsudskieg 4/2, 34-424 Zaskale and available at - or at another address to which the company SHARP REKLAMY is entitled.

User - any person who uses the website in any

Partner - any entity cooperating with the company OSTRE REKLAMY

Services - services provided electronically by the Service Provider to Users available on the websites, enabling in particular:

a) getting acquainted with the resources of the online store

b) using the IT mechanisms functioning within the website,

c) establishing contact with the company SHARP ADS

d) use of other internet resources;

Materials - texts, photos, graphics, charts, video materials, multimedia materials, etc., in particular constituting a work within the meaning of the Act on Copyright and Related Rights,

Cooperating portals – websites, social media profiles, forums and discussion groups and other entities operating on the Internet, cooperating with THE company OSTRE REKLAMY.


1. As part of the websites, the User may use, in particular, the following Services:

a) familiarize themselves with the Materials made available to the Service Provider,

b) use search engines on websites,

c) use contact forms on websites,

d) using the IT mechanisms functioning within the website,

e) use of other Internet resources.

The provision of Services to website Users takes place under the conditions set out in these Regulations, with the exception of services described in separate regulations.

Websites are a carrier of information about the activities and services provided by Ostre Reklamy.

The User's use of the Services on websites is free of charge.

The websites present Materials, including information content and advertising content, referred to in point 7 below.

The Service Provider has the right to post on websites advertising content regarding the services and goods of the Service Provider and its Partners as well as entities and third parties. The advertising content referred to in the previous sentence is an integral part of the websites and the Materials presented in it.

The right is reserved to limit access to part or all of the content presented on the website by these Users in the case of the use by these Users of hardware or software affecting the way of receiving the content presented on the website, including in particular limiting or excluding the publication of specific content from the website.

The right is reserved to limit access to part or all of the content presented on websites if a given User speaks vulgarly or offensively about the company OSTRE REKLAMY on or off the Internet or otherwise violates the law or these regulations – in particular with regard to the rights and obligations of the User.


Websites and Materials contained therein are subject to the protection provided for in the applicable law.

The rights to the Materials, works, trademarks and databases made available on the websites are vested in the Service Provider or third parties. In the event that the rights in question are vested in third parties, the Service Provider presents works, trademarks and databases on the websites on the basis of relevant agreements or agreements concluded with these persons.

By using the works or databases made available on the websites, the Users do not acquire any rights or licenses to these works or databases.

Without the prior consent of the Service Provider, Users may use websites and works and databases placed in them only within the framework of fair use provided for in the Act on Copyright and Related Rights and the Act on the Protection of Databases. In particular, it is unacceptable to: a) reproduce, modify, block, publicly reproduce and make publicly available on the Internet websites or their parts or works posted on websites or parts thereof, except for the cases indicated in the applicable provisions of law; (b) extraction of the contents of the databases and their re-utilisation in whole or in substantial parts, in quality or quantity.

Consent is expressed to the public reproduction of the content of websites for the needs of associations and foundations, educational institutions, schools, universities and training centers – however, only with reference to the source of these materials and the author.


The User is solely responsible for the manner of using the websites by him, in particular he is responsible for any violation of the rights or goods of third parties and damage in this respect.

The User undertakes not to infringe rights, in particular economic copyrights, or the rights of third parties.

The User undertakes to use the websites in accordance with applicable law, social and moral standards, the provisions of these Regulations and the principles of social coexistence on the Internet (netiket).

It is forbidden for the User to provide illegal content to websites.


You are responsible for:

a) the manner in which the User uses the websites and for any resulting consequences;

b) damages resulting from the User's activities inconsistent with applicable law or the provisions of these Regulations;

c) information downloaded from the Internet, in particular from websites, for the effects of their use by the User and for their usefulness for the User.

The User is aware of the threats occurring on the Internet, in particular in the scope of possible in burglaries into the User's system, password takeover by third parties, infection of the User's system with viruses and damage that may occur in such cases. The User is obliged to keep his passwords confidential and to properly secure the equipment thanks to which he uses the Internet.

Service provider:

a) exercise due diligence to ensure that the use of websites takes place in accordance with the Regulations. At the same time, the Service Provider informs that there may be problems with access to the Portal, in particular caused by hardware, software or network parameters.

b) informs that technical problems or technical limitations of the computer equipment used by the User (firewalls - blocks, incorrect versions of the media player, anti-virus and other programs) may limit or allow the User to access websites or affect their quality;

c) reserves the right to limit access to part or all of the content (Materials) presented on websites by selected Users, in the case of the use by these Users of hardware or software affecting the way of receiving the content presented on the websites, including, in particular, limiting or excluding the publication of specific content from websites.

d) due to the properties of the Internet network and the User's computer equipment independent of the Service Provider, the Service Provider does not guarantee uninterrupted and uninterrupted access to the Portal.


Access and use of websites is possible for Users on operating system platforms: MS Windows Vista, MS Windows 7 and 8, MS Windows XP SP-3, MacOS X 10.4.8 or their newer versions, on any type of computer that meets the requirements of the above-mentioned operating systems and through any types of Internet connections with a bandwidth of at least 700 kilobits / s, using web browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 or later, Mozilla FireFox 20.X or later, Apple Safari 4.X (MacOS version only) or later, and Google Chrome 23.X (MS Windows version only) or later. In order to fully display the content of websites, it is also necessary to enable cookies and JavaScript in the web browser. It is recommended that the User, before using the websites, check whether the computer equipment he has meets the technical requirements set out in these Regulations.


The Service Provider informs that when using websites, short text information called "cookies" (hereinafter: "cookies") or other technologies (e.g. local storage) are stored on the User's computer. The installation of "cookies" is necessary for the proper provision of website Services. "Cookies" contain information necessary for the proper functioning of websites.

The content of cookies does not allow to identify the User. No personal data is processed or stored using cookies.

Detailed information on the privacy policy, in particular the use of Cookies or other technologies (local storage) is contained in the Privacy Policy document available to all Users on the


The use of websites does not require the User to provide their personal data.

The use of contact forms requires the User to provide his name, telephone number, address and e-mail address. Providing this data is voluntary and the User may choose another way to contact OSTRE REKLAMY (email, phone). These data, in the case of voluntary provision by the User, are collected with the consent of the User and in order to contact him in connection with his interest in services or activities related to the store

The data administrator is OSTRE REKLAMY - Adamowski Michał, Józefa Piłsudskieg 4/2, 34-424 Zaskale, NIP: 735-253-78-89. In addition, in the light of applicable law, the administrators of your data within individual Services may also be Portal Partners or Service Providers.

Users' personal data are processed only thanks to their consent. The User may at any time request access to their data, rectification or deletion. The user also has the right to request the restriction of their processing. If the User considers that there are irregularities in the processing of his data by websites, he has the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory body – GIODO. The above rights are also granted in the case of proper data processing by the administrator and do not affect the lawfulness of processing, which was made on the basis of consent before its withdrawal.


The law applicable to legal relations resulting from the use of websites by Users is Polish law.

Disputes between the owner of websites and third parties may be settled amicably and the owner of the websites will strive for such an end to the dispute. A dispute with the User or a third party may be considered by the court only after the user has previously reported the problem to the owner of the website and attempted out-of-court settlement of the dispute.

Subject to the next sentence, the owner of websites reserves, to the extent permitted by applicable regulations, the right to make changes and modifications to these Regulations, including in particular in the event of changes in applicable law.

Amendments to the Regulations will be communicated to the Users of websites. Any changes to the Regulations become effective at the time of their posting on the

After changes in the Regulations, the User should immediately read the changes, because the use of websites after such announcement constitutes acceptance of the new content of the Regulations by the User.


These Regulations, in the current version, are available on the